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Tuesday , August 3 2021
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The wonder drug with its magic wand!

Basil dates back to almost 10,000 years and has its roots in tropical regions of Asia. It is much publicized for its medicinal and restorative powers. Known for its antioxidant and adaptogenic properties, this tropical herb promotes well being by empowering the immune system of our body. Off late it has been scientifically proven to fight cancer and heal nerves damaged due to surgery.


Four main forms of Basil

1.      Thai basil: Also referred to as licorice basil distinguished by its strong licorice flavor and fragrance. It grows up to 24 inches nearly and is used in Thai cuisine.

2.      Cinnamon basil: Distinguishes from the rest of the forms of basil in having a cinnamon Oder and pale pink or purple flowers. This annual herb reaches heights up to 2 and half feet.

3.      Lemon basil: This basil is mainly characterized by narrower and flatter leaves. This annual herb grows 2 feet above the ground and is accompanied by lemon fragrance and flavor.

4.      Genovese basil: Regarded as the best basil for medicinal use and for eating purpose as well. Most commonly used in Italian recipe.


Why basil is regarded as queen of herbs?

Basil is a wonder drug which is revered with never ending medicinal properties. It is an herbal and natural remedy for many common ailments like cold and cough, stress, sore throat, high cholesterol levels, mouth infections, cancer, vomiting and many more.


Explore what more this wonder drug has to offer:

·         Stress reliever: As mentioned above basil contains antioxidants .These nutrients are extremely important for our bodies and help in slowing down the excess oxidation that can occur after prolonged periods of stress. Apart from containing antioxidants it also contains adaptogens. They reduce the negative impact of stress caused by depression or any mental tension. Adaptogens helps the body to adapt to stress more efficiently.  

·         Antidote to all the common ailments: Common health problems like cough, cold, fever, vomiting, sore throat, respiratory disorder, heart disorder, mouth infections, kidney stones, teeth infections, headaches and eye disorders can be treated effectively by making use of basil leaves. The leaves can be used in any of the forms but if boiled with tea it acts as the most effective preventive measures. Basil can be used with honey as well in case of any respiratory disorder. Cough and fever respond well to juice of basil leaves. Few leaves chewed directly can cure mouth infections effectively. Pounded leaves mixed with sandalwood paste if applied on the forehead, relieves us from severe headaches.

·         Antioxidant that combats cancer: According to the recent studies, basil leaf extract has been proved to reduce cancer to a considerable extent. It reduces the effects of nerve degeneration and help in making the nerve receptors more sensitive to stimuli. 

·         Antimicrobial against skin diseases: The oil present in basil leaves and seeds have antimicrobial effects against acne and other skin infections like vitiligo and Lukoderma. In treatment of acne this herb can be used in paste form or the leaves can be chewed with water.  

·         Brain herb: Chewing four to five leaves of basil early morning oxygenates the brain and improves circulation. This in turn results in improved mental efficiency and increased concentration power.  


The nutrients present in this wonder drug are thought to assist people in improving health and providing a sense of well being .There are currently no side effects of the herb.

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