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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Way of Life / Working Moms: Balancing Work, Family and life!

Working Moms: Balancing Work, Family and life!

Creating a balance between these three things is no easy feat, especially for moms. From morning’s tea to night’s sleep, everything becomes so messed up that you end up throwing yourself on your bed with that ‘I quit’ attitude. Being a mom is the nicest experience of one’s life, but arrival of kids, rolls in loads of responsibilities. This is the point where life seems to over-demand our presence in its every aspect and we end up blurring the lines between work and home.

Back-to-work blues haunt working mums every now and then. And we understand that completely. So we are bringing forth some tips that will ease the work responsibilities and make you feel less stressed.

    Streamline Housework

No one really enjoys doing menial yet essential household chores, because they consume a lot of time we’d rather be spending on something more important. Implement these 4 principles to streamline your work:

a)      Divide and work: Consolidating your tasks is more efficient than performing them sporadically. Doing one task or fusing similar tasks together can reduce the unnecessary time consumption. This would help you finish one chore first and then moving on to the next one. This is just like being in the production line, where one task starts only at the end of the previous one. Mark days on calendar to dedicate specific days to shopping, cooking, laundering and finances.

b)     Use idle time: We understand that working moms have no such word like ‘idle time’ in their dictionary. But that’s the challenge—finding more time in your life to make the most of it. You can wipe off kitchen counters while steaming your coffee, grab your favorite magazine while sitting in a waiting room, fold washed laundry while watching T.V and use face mask before going to bed. 

c)      Pre-plan: Pre-planning holds a major role in working mom’s life. Make the most of your weekends and organize every possible thing for the coming week. Decide what you are going to wear for the next 5 days, so that you don’t have to rush every morning. Prepare a menu for all the three meals for each day of next week. This way you can escape the allegations of making the same food over and over. If there is a get together, party, or function coming over, start the arrangements a month before. Here procrastination never works.

d)     Create a schedule and set up reminders: You can make use of Google calendar or your personal-phone calendar to create a schedule and set up reminders for every work. You’ll not miss the deadlines this way and a hassle free routine will build up automatically. The crux is to fix a particular time for a task and follow the schedule.


Separate your workspace from home space

The point is to create a fine line between your work and life and do not blur this line ever. Your work is not your life; it’s just a part of your life which needs to be kept away once you reach home. Avoid bringing any of your work files to home. Similarly, avoid bringing family issues to work, because it will just mess up both the things. This will help you work enthusiastically on both the places.

You have your family life. You have work life. And you need to understand that keeping them away is the only way to keep both happy. So keep them away and be a great working mom. Also, always remember that you are awesome because men think in two dimensions and women in ten. You work out everything from work to family and still manage to rock men’s world.



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