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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Xiaomi Wins its Civil Lawsuit Case Back in China

Xiaomi Wins its Civil Lawsuit Case Back in China

Xiaomi recently gathered lots of negative attention when a Guangzhou resident Mr. Liang filed a lawsuit against the company. According to Liang, he came across Xiaomi’s advertisements in 2013 which read that Xiaomi’s mobile OS, MIUI,, is the best custom Android system which is available in the market today. He believed all this and therefore bought the Xiaomi Mi 2. But Liang soon discovered that the phone wasn’t true to its claims and lagged often as a result of which he filed a lawsuit against the company on the grounds of false advertising and demanded a hefty compensation.

However, Liang isn’t going to get a single penny as the Ghuangzhou court ruled out that though Xiaomi’s advertising had some problem, it was definitely not equivalent to cheating customers. Moreover, while Liang was also unable to provide adequate evidence to support his claim of technical issues or for the expenses for which he was demanding compensation, he was also unable to explain why he was still using his “defective” Xiaomi phone for two years or more before he decided to file the lawsuit.

While the entire incident might have a humorous side to it, but it also hides an important lesson for big hardware manufacturers like Xiaomi. This lawsuit just tells us how easy it is to target big companies in order to get easy cash. Moreover, it also throws ample light on weak spot of the advertisement strategy of China’s leading tech companies.

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