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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / 10 Signs You Have Found the Special Significant Person of Your Life and Probably Why You Should Never Let Them Go

10 Signs You Have Found the Special Significant Person of Your Life and Probably Why You Should Never Let Them Go

Let’s imagine our life in phases. In each phase, you meet people to know them
better. Sooner or later, they start having influence in your personality or life. You
become friends and you start accepting the self-chosen ‘relationships’ in life. But
not everyone comes with the kiss of love- not everyone shares your vision of being
a soulmate.

sign of special significant Person

I remember going shopping with my mother who is a very choosy and buy ‘near-to-perfection’ kind of a woman. She would never compromise with anything less than perfect but for a hasty soul like me, it becomes very difficult to match her level of patience. Why do people want to buy perfect things? You might go to each shop, love ten thousand things, and apply you mind in judging the ‘individualistic’ abilities but then at the end of the day, you have to choose one and that one won’t be the best thing in the world. You might still find another bundle of ten thousand or more things that are better and superior than your choice. So is the quest for perfection justified in love? Not exactly!

In the reigns of choices and options, you will end up landing to different opportunities of love and they all might appear lucrative and tempting. But stop. Yes. Think and listen to the call of your heart. If you have found the special significant person of your life, don’t wait for the miracle to happen. Create the miracle. But prior to this, rewind your mind to discover these 10 love signs that might confirm your quest for the right match.

  1. They never came to your life with the purpose of love

Yes, they just crossed your way and they had no purpose, plan or intention of love. Probably, you were not connected to each other, but you were in the same place and at the same time.

  1. They met you at the right time.

Unless and until the time is right, you might have never crossed each other’s way. Human soul has the tendency of connecting with those who show a similar craving for feelings and instincts. Believe me, timing is everything in love.

  1. They make your quietness peaceful

Wrapped in a fluffy blanket on a cold winter night, when you might wakeup in the midst of deep sleep and think about the same person, there has to be a peaceful smile on your face. So whether you at your work or you are driving or you are sitting with the significant half in the same room, you will surely comfort your thoughts with peace.

  1. They feel your pain:

When your silence learns the language of communication, when you can simply look at them telling how they spend their day and you know the exact state of their feelings, you are in the hands of your soulmate.

  1. They even love your flaws:

Let’s face it- there is no fake show in love. You have weaknesses and rather everyone has them but there is no fake hiding business going on in between you and your significant half. They know the benefits of your weaknesses- the traits that make you the person you are.

  1. The life’s goal is same:

Probably, both of you have a similar set of values, ethics and goals. It makes the ‘holding of hands’ easy.

  1. They have courage:

Sometimes, courage is not measured by what you see through the biceps and abs. Sometimes, it is the gentle hands that can hold you in the hour of need.

  1. They know what they want from you:

Your soulmate will come with the right amount of clarity in thoughts and will. They don’t lack the ability of decision-making and taking. Courage!

  1. They understand the comfort of touch:

The comfort and security of human touch is the most powerful drug. It conveys the warmth of your heart and sensations in your feelings. Does it make a difference to you? Ask yourself.

  1. They have a mind of their own:

They might listen to everyone, but they will always follow what they think is right for both of you. The relationship between two souls is never governed by a couple of ‘like-minded’ people.

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