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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / 5 Avoidable Mistakes While Planning Honeymoon!

5 Avoidable Mistakes While Planning Honeymoon!

The most beautiful trip in a couple’s life is going through the wedding journey! Just like a fun filled tour, wedding period is equally divided into three stages- pre-wedding period, big wedding day and honeymoon. Out of this entire journey, honeymoon resembles the comfort of reaching the final destination. You are done with your wedding guests, done with the wedding stress and done with all the anxiety related to marriage. Now, you are there where your wedding journey takes a sound rest and married life begins. The honeymoon period is said to be the most memorable and lovable time in a couple’s life. It can be nothing less than a dream come true if planned in a proper ways. Avoid some of the most common mistakes made during honeymoon and spend some amazing time with your partner. Here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid:

Running out of Budget:


Honeymoon period is the time you desire to spend with your partner, no matter how exotic (or not) the location is! Your desire of buying happiness(rather than expensive gifts) and investing some time together should be the actual motive. It is always suggested to settle for a predefined budget before planning honeymoon. This is the best way to avoid financial complications that will be even more beneficial after the honeymoon period is over.

Avoiding Safety for Fun


Safety is a priority and not an option! You have your entire life to create memories and therefore it is important to spend a mindful honeymoon. There is no point drifting crazy with the flow of fun. For instance, don’t choose a location too remote or far from common reach. Stay close to basic amenities and vaccinations in case of an emergency situation. Be prepared and understand your safety requirements.

Choosing Adventure Trip over Fun Filled Honeymoon

Lapa Beach 2 photo Wildland Adventures

You can choose an adventurous trip, explore more and discover new heights but remember it is your honeymoon! You have a partner who might like going the other way around; sipping coffee on a snowy evening rather than sweating for adventure! Planning honeymoon should be a mutual decision taken by the newly wedded couple. Try to focus on the relaxation element of honeymoon. It is good to take rest, sitting back, gazing sunset and following what your heart desires. After all, this is the way we create memories!

The idea of ‘Perfect’ Honeymoon


Unfulfilled expectations can become the reason of distress during honeymoon! Your control over weather conditions, health issues, last minutes emergencies, etc. is negligible and the fact that we cannot manipulate destiny is also certain. It is always suggested to choose an open frame of mind while going for honeymoon. The bubble of excitement when busted can leave you bewailed. In fact, don’t create that bubble. Give room to surprises and unexpected fun!

Setting No ‘Expiry’ Date for Honeymoon


We cannot escape from the challenges of reality by extending honeymoon duration. The fact that it will end one day is strictly unavoidable! It is suggested to keep your honeymoon duration short, simple and scheduled for best results. Remember, you have your entire life for planning few more holidays but for that, you have to get back to the life you actually live.
Consider these points before planning your honeymoon! These days, everything comes with a price tag and an expiry date so it is absolutely fine to accept the reality of life.

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