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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / 7 Annoying Phone Habits that you should STOP in a Relationship

7 Annoying Phone Habits that you should STOP in a Relationship

Are you dating a Phone-Zombie? Is he in love with his smartphone much more than you? So what if her phone keeps her busy all the time? Wait you need to watch out because your partner is probably doing the worst thing he/she can do in a relationship!

Love space is a very personal place! It is a heavenly adobe of two souls that are madly, truly and deeply in love with each other. Even the minutest of distance in between is not acceptable. But then your partner has a smartphone and there is a scope of love lost! The constant desire for gazing, tapping, sharing, liking and tweeting is haunting the seriousness of your relationship. It is bridging an undisputed gap in between you and your partner. What are you going to do? Are you seriously dating a phone zombie?

While most of the time it is avoidable to ignore somebody’s excessive use of phone, at times, it become highly irritating and annoying to bear the burden. Being a phone zombie can seriously paralyze your relationship. If new researches are to believe, then most romantic partners who devote undue importance and time to phone suffer more conflict in relationships. Needless to say, the level of love satisfaction is low and depression is high.

Paying attention to the Push notifications than to your partner

Maybe this is the only drive that PUSHes them to live life- sad but true that people have started breathing their lives on the staple diet of push notifications! Even when a person is trying to step out of the virtual zone, these push notifications have the power to bring them back.


ADVICE 1:Turn off all the push notifications, especially when you are spending that special time with your partner. No Facebook messages, no emails alerts, no likes and no sharing. Don’t dare to destroy your private moments!

Being a ‘Virtual-Social’ animal but a ‘personal’ failure

You are ‘feeling happy’ and you are sharing it with the entire virtual world- well this is not bad! But what particularly is extremely annoying is the fact that you are not expressing your happiness to the person who is sitting right next to you. Where is your personal expression?


ADVICE 2: Set a cut-off time. Set yourself free for a while. Trust me; it is not difficult to live without connectivity. It is wonderful to spend time with your loved ones and above all, it is important to express your emotions in person. The virtual masquerade will lead you nowhere!

The working Ninja who is in love with the official emails

Your partner is not a business deal that you can lose for once to settle for some other lead. Is it absolutely fine to cheat on your work while you are in the office? If not, then how is it acceptable to allow the professional interference while spending the private time?


ADVICE 3: Keep your office in the office! Don’t carry it along with your smartphone and spoil the mirth of personal happiness with professional intervention.

Having no interest in the ‘screen-free’ life

So you cannot imagine your life without TV, mobile, Laptop and gadgets? So you think a screen-free life is nothing but a mess? Sorry, but you need help! It is fine to spend time with screens when you are alone. But no partner is going to accept the same habit- stop inviting conflicts by gluing your eyes in different screens (especially smartphones).


ADVICE 4: Think of spending a screen-free time! Not just for the sake of personal relationships but also for maintaining conformity in your daily life. The visual dependency is not healthy for you!

Walking Hand in Hand with the Smartphone

Why not walking hand in hand with your partner instead? Keep your hands free and avoid all the entanglements that come in between your love.


ADVICE 5: Give prominence to your personal proximity! It is simply beautiful to get intimated with your love partner. Feel the kiss of love, rather than wasting your time on a gadget.

Behaving like a maniac in a free Wi-Fi Zone

When Lord God created this world, his idea of beauty, happiness and peace was way beyond the Wi-Fi services. Consequently, a free Wi-Fi zone is not the ultimate bliss of happiness. Stop behaving like a maniac when you discover a free Wi-Fi zone.


ADVICE 6: When you are with your partner, the every bit of your excitement should go to their credit. Don’t keep anything else above or prior to them.

Going insane during no connectivity

NO…this is not the end of your life! Connectivity is nowhere related to the human lifeline and therefore, you can feel easy without the internet.


ADVICE 7: Deliberately switch off the internet connection while you are with your partner. You need to understand the difference between needs and wants. Love, as an element of life, is a basic need and internet connectivity is a desire. Understand your needs!

About Prerna Kathait

Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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