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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Attaining Flexibility with Marjariasana- The Cat Pose in Yoga

Attaining Flexibility with Marjariasana- The Cat Pose in Yoga

There is nothing more blissful and wonderful than having a flexible body. While various forms of exercises can help you to make your body flexible and agile, Yoga, in particular, can induce the finest elements of flexibility through asana like Marjariasana and Halasana. Commonly known as the Cat Pose, Marjariasana is derived from two simple words- ‘Marjari’ i.e. the Cat and ‘asana’ i.e. the pose. Through Marjariasana a practitioner can learn to incorporate some remarkable stretching in the daily exercising regime.

The 7 Step Process of Doing Marjariasana:

  1. Put both the palms on the floor, lean a bit forward and kneel down on the floor to pose like a cat. Stay easy while posing this asana.
  1. Keep the legs a bit apart from each other and place the palms at above the shoulder length.
  1. While attaining the posture of a standing cat, keep your trunks parallel to the ground. At the same time, the thighs have to be vertically straight. Keep the lower leg and feet close to the ground.
  1. Relaxation is the major concern with Marjariasana. Rest your body at complete ease while practicing this asana and make sure to keep your shoulder and back muscles with utmost comfort.
  1. While exhaling, allow your belly to cease in and move your head inward (right between the shoulders). Try creating a back arch to the upward direction.
  1. While inhaling, arch the back to the opposite direction. Bend the spine in the downward direction. Remember to arch the head, neck and shoulder backward.
  1. As long as you are comfortable with the posture, repeat it. Concentrate on the breathing mechanism. Slowly and steadily, you will notice that all the stiffness of your body will vanish.


The Many Benefits of Doing Marjariasana:

  • The Gift of Flexibility:

Marjariasana promises the best delight of flexibility to the spine. It not only induces elasticityto the body back but also adds strength to the various prominent parts of human body.

  • A Digestive Bliss:

With the help of Marjariasana, a person can significantly improve the body digestion, easing lungs and stomach.

  • Strengthens blood circulation:

Improve the steady flow of blood circulation in your body with the help of Marjariasana. From blood purification to flow, the cat pose is highly regarded for all the practices.

  • Counters severe illnesses:

With Marjariasana, you can help several body disorders like Spondylitis, back pain and slipped disk. People suffering from muscle stress issues can help their illness with Marjariasana.

  • Helps the lower abdomen:

Marjariasana can tone the abdomen in the most direct way. Not just the abdomen, but also the intestines, reproductive organs and digestive system can attain the best healthy secrets with the practice.

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