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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Celebrities / Bloodicious Birthday: Putin Celebrates 63rd Birthday Playing Ice Hockey, as his Military Launches 26 Air Missiles on 11 ISIS Targets in Syria

Bloodicious Birthday: Putin Celebrates 63rd Birthday Playing Ice Hockey, as his Military Launches 26 Air Missiles on 11 ISIS Targets in Syria

Calm and composed, while celebrating his 63rd birthday, the Russian President chose the peace and sportiness of ice hockey. They say he scored seven of his team’s 15 goals and finally won the show. Amidst NHL stars, Government officials and big business tycoons, when the President was peacefully playing the game, the Russian Military was aggressively launching the naval bombardment targeting Syria.

On Wednesday, the Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 63rd birthday. He chose the game of ice hockey for celebrating the occasion along with some eminent celebrities and officials. Playing with the ‘Star-Studded’ team, Putin scored 7 goals for his team. As the game went live from the Olympic City of Sochi, Russia went celebrating the special day of its President. But shortly before the President stepped onto the icy base, he appeared on TV to detail the recent development in Syria. Putin informed that Russian warship has released about ‘2 Dozen’ air missiles on ISIS targeting Syria.


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Naval Bombardment targeting Syria:

On Wednesday, about 4 Russian ships fired 26 (or more) missiles into Syria, out of which 11 were targeted. The piece of information came from the defense minister of Russian, Sergei Shoigu, who was sharing the details of the attack with the President Vladimir Putin during the TV show. The strikes that were targeted toward Syria were launched from the Caspian Sea. These were the ‘long range’ missiles that could fly to the widest range of 1,500 kilometers towards the target.

Russian President

The End of Cooperation between Russia and Syria:

With the end of military cooperation between Russia and Syria, the beginning of new hatred is knocking the doors. Wednesday brought the end to the cooperation between Russian and the embattled Syrian regime powered by the President Bashar-al-Assad. The launch of coordinating attacks on Wednesday from both the ends was a clear-cut answer to war. If reports are to believe, then Russia’s plan is not to fight terrorism. They are rather more interested in propping up al-Assad. Even after releasing the missiles, Russia affirmed that they are ready to cooperate with the US in order to drive out attacks in Syria.


What the US has to say about the attacks?

In reference to Russia’s military attack on Wednesday, the US Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter, called it a ‘fundamental Mistake’. The United States is not just ready to support and cooperate with Russia on the military operation in Syria. Though both the countries have launched an aggressive military operation against ISIS, yet there is no collective effort.

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