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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / City Council of Oslo Bans the Use of Cars By 2019 To Curb Pollution

City Council of Oslo Bans the Use of Cars By 2019 To Curb Pollution

In order to reduce the pollution level, big initiatives are being taken all around the world like plantation of saplings and the usage of eco-friendly products. However, little has been done to control the number of vehicles because of which air pollution has become a big menace. However, Norwegian capital Oslo  has taken a daring step to fight pollution. Authorities in Oslo are planning to ban the use of cars by 2019 so as to curb pollution.
City Council of Oslo announced that it has decided to permanently remove cars from the city centre in the coming four years. It has, however, promised that the car transportation will be eventually replaced with a little more than 60 kilometers of new bicycle lanes along with massive expansion in the public transportation services. Apart from that, buses and trams will serve the city centre while other arrangements will be found for the cars that are carrying disabled people. Vehicles that are transporting goods to the stores will also receive special status.

Earlier Paris successfully banned cars on September 27 as a mark of concern regarding the increasing levels of pollution. The rising levels of pollution in India also demand for a strict ban on vehicles. While commercial diesel vehicles have been scrutinized under the ban, there is no such thing on the use of personal vehicles. Maybe, we will learn someday from the city of Oslo.

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