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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / Embrace Cloud Technology and Heading towards a ‘Password-Free World’- Satya Nadella

Embrace Cloud Technology and Heading towards a ‘Password-Free World’- Satya Nadella

Almost a month later, when last he had a meeting with PM Modi, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella was here in India for the company’s ‘Future Unleashed’ event. The CEO of prominent tech giant wishfully accepted that Microsoft is willing to play the pivotal role in helping India’s growth and technological vision.

The informative 45 minutes that Satya Nadella shared on the dice at Future Unleashed event were power-packed with the fine dose of wisdom and dreams. As reported by the Indian Express, Nadella explained the immense benefits of 3 new Microsoft projects- firstly, the reinvention of productivity & business process, secondly, bringing them together, and thirdly, the building of an intelligent cloud & more personal computing.

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The power of building local cloud:

Addressing the keynote, Nadella informed that the company has created three centres in India for the purpose of channelizing more opportunities for the wider world. He further commented on the case of LV Prasad Eye Hospital that is looking for better data opportunities to control pricing and care alternatives. Satya Nadella said that with the help of intelligent cloud, an institution can help both the core assets and data. Microsoft is indeed working on the vision to help owner and establish ‘cloud’ landscape in India.

Nadella suggested that in coming times, computing will become the crux of our lives, influencing most of the human experiences and manifestations. “This is where the cloud is important” added Nadella.

Password-Free World:

As reported by PTI, Satya Nadella expressed his deepest concern on the security related issues via passwords. Nadella informed that Microsoft is working on the technology where the world will no longer depend on passwords. Security will be at much ease and comfort for the computer users! Nadella said that Microsoft’s foremost vision is to put a ‘personal’ computer on every Indian household and desk. The mission is to empower every single individual and organization.
As reported, Microsoft is also planning to unleash the latest Surface Pro 4 in India by the start of January next year. The estimated price range in Rs. 75,000!

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