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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / Employees Rip Shirts of Air France Executives after Hearing about Job Cuts

Employees Rip Shirts of Air France Executives after Hearing about Job Cuts

Air France held a public conference where it had to announce its plans of cutting 2,900 jobs. However, the talks didn’t end on a peaceful note as hundreds of men stormed into Air France’s headquarters and disrupted the talks that were going on. The airline confirmed that the job cuts are a part of its grand restructuring plan which involves various routes towards India and South-East Asia be cut by 2017.

The protestors tore apart the shirts of two Air France executives namely; Xavier Broseta who works as a Human resources manager and Pierre Plissonnier who is a senior official in Air France. The two managers had to climb over a fence to escape the violent mob while other managers ended up being injured at the hands of the angry protestors.
The job cut will affect more than 1700 ground staff employees, 900 cabin crew employees and around 300 pilots along with a 10% reduction in the company’s long haul businesses. The new restructuring plan would help to cut airline’s costs by €1.8bn over the time of two years. Later, Air France’s human resources manager said in a news conference that the image that they saw at the conference was definitely not that of a company’s employees.


The company said that they will take strict action against the protestors and that they will have to “payback” for what they did at the conference. Even France’s Prime Minister is unhappy by the reaction of the workers and they way they retaliated to the news of job cuts.

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