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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / GSMA report predicts India to have about 500 Million Mobile Users by the end of this year

GSMA report predicts India to have about 500 Million Mobile Users by the end of this year

[su_quote]And if the reports are to believe, then only 11 percent of the overall mobile connections in India will work with 3G internet.

Right after IAMAI report of Internet users in India, GSMA has released a recent mobile report that declares some fantastic figures and facts about the mobile subscribers in India. As per the report, by the end of 2015, India is going to have about half a billion mobile user, which accounts 13 percent of overall world’s population. However, even though India will rise with the number of mobile users, yet people using the Internet connection in India will prefer anything apart from 3G connectivity. The virtual space shared by the 3G network coverage is only up to 11 percent in India as the major chunk of the population is still using 2G.

Everything you need to know about the report:

hands texting with mobile phones in cafe

According to Alasdair Grant, Head of Asia, GSMA, India as a country with the diverse market has 2G voice services in dominance. By the end of 2020, the 2G voice services will have a share of 58 percent in the market, which is good in itself. However, the challenge is with the shift in ecosystem i.e. the change from just voice to data using economy. With the growth of 3G and 4G technology, GSMA has expected that at least 42 percent market share for the network coverage.
The role of mobile broadband networks will be crucial in transforming India to a digitally powerful society and economy. It is notable that in the year 2014, the mobile industry in India contributed about 7.7 Lakh Crore to the economy. The amount was equivalent to 6.1 percent of the total GDP, creating about 4 million job opportunities in India. Just within the duration of three years i.e. from 2011 to 2014, India has seen a rise 200 million mobile users. Now this is quite an outstanding figure!

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