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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Social Media / Facebook / Keeping in Mind Slow Internet Connectivity in India, Facebook Updates Itself

Keeping in Mind Slow Internet Connectivity in India, Facebook Updates Itself

PM Modi’s meeting with Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerburg definitely turned out to be fruitful for the two and Facebook has finally comprehended the fact that India can is an untapped potential which can turn out to be one of their biggest markets. For this reason, the social networking giant has agreed to tweak its News Feed feature so that content can be loaded quickly in areas of India where internet connectivity is slow, just like in other emerging countries like Brazil and Mexico.

A large number of people in India still rely on 2G internet connections to connect with the world as a result of which they find it extremely difficult to load the various pictures and videos which have been posted on their News Feed since they use more data. This new feature will enable the Facebook app to select the articles, videos and images which are easier to load based on one’s internet connection. So, if they have a weak connection, the News Feed will automatically select the content which is faster to load and is the most relevant to the user. This update is undoubtedly a great effort by Facebook to bring aboard more users.



Earlier, Facebook’s employees in India reported that because of slow connectivity, the overall experience of using the app turned out to be frustrating. That’s when the company sent a special team to India so that it could design a dedicated News Feed to provide a better experience for users that resided in areas having weak internet connections.

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