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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Way of Life / Know How You Can Read people Mind?

Know How You Can Read people Mind?

You might have seen people having conversation on reading other’s mind.  Can you read your best friends mind? Picture a scene where you meet some stranger and you can read most immediate thoughts running in his mind. It’s not just an imagination!! Sometimes the perplexed things might get easy in a few tricks. Even you might have heard by experts that it is impossible to read the mind of a person you never know. So, let’s dig into the matters of tricks that will help you to read the mind of strangers. There is no magic involved in reading people’s mind perhaps it’s simply a study of gestures, traits, body language, facial expressions and many more that you will find below. What you all have to do is to use your knowledge about the behavior of people in order to read the thoughts behind their face.

Body language

What you need to keep under notice while getting deep into the body of a person is how person takes moves, hands movement, and eyes contact. If a person is looking up down, right left rights that means he is confused about something. If the pupil of his eyes tends to grow means he is highly excited. If a person is not making eye to eye contact means he is not really interested. If he folds his arms across chest means probably he is trying to create barrier. Various hand movements shows that person is trying to convince you for his concerns. If he is biting nails while in confront then it’s more like he/she is nervous.

Hear speech carefully

Whatever the person is saying listen to it very carefully. How frequently person is expressing his thoughts ponder his confidence. Human voice has unique qualities that can help you to verdict their real character hidden behind face. A person trying to pretend can be captured easily through the words he speaks. Don’t jump to the conclusion over a short time, let the conversation go long. You have to underline points like whether the person is speaking too much or reserved. Paying attention to others can be a great fun as well as well worthy for you to gain some knowledge if the person is delivering some wonderful speech.

Pay attention to the distance between two of you

Knowing a person from some distance may help you to judge his attitude better. You can clearly notice his gestures, turns, moves and whatever else he does while speaking to you. Noticing a person from bird’s eye view can really help you read more than the words.

Ask a general question

You can ask person a general question like what your hobbies are or what you do at your free time. The answer he would give you might have some clues about his real character. For example, he loves to watch discovery channel. What does this reflect in his character is that the person is an information-driven who wants to get updated with new things rather than spending time in movies and all, what we all tend to do at our hobby time.

Notice the lip moments:

You should notice how person’s lips are deemed. A person can show the sign of tiredness if lips are open or if the lips are pursed, it may mean person very irritated. And if the person is continuously licking his lips means he is nervous and deciding upon what to say. If person smiles in-betweens, means he is feeling happy in your company.

Now, Last but not the least is to follow all above tricks and know the real face behind an actual face!!


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