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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Featured / Kudos Hyderabad Police- Launching This App for Two-Wheeler Drivers is a MUST for Every State in India

Kudos Hyderabad Police- Launching This App for Two-Wheeler Drivers is a MUST for Every State in India

Recently, the Hyderabad police have come up with a new app for two-wheeler drivers that compile the e-version of all the legal documents i.e. driving license, Registration Certification of vehicle, and insurance document in it. With the onset of this application, two-wheeler riders in Hyderabad can now travel without keeping their licenses, RC booklets and other form of legal documents. The all new M-Wallet App that is official launched by the transport department of Hyderabad has marked the onset of a revolutionary future. With this, the motor riders can directly upload their documents on the app, which could be later produced during police verification and checking.


Save Paper, Embrace Technology- The Tale of a Promising Future

The Hyderabad transport department came up with the idea of helping about 80 lakh two-wheeler riders by implementing this fantastic application. Through the online M-Wallet App, a user can enjoy the hassle-free experience of travelling without paper documents and at the same time, can easily avoid the harassment caused due to missing paperwork. As a paperless initiative, the government has strikingly stood together to support this eco-friendly cause.

All that you need to know about M-Wallet!

Using the M-Wallet App is fairly convenient for the modern smartphone user. By just downloading the TS M Wallet App 2016 that is available on the Play Store, a user can easily avail the benefits of this virtual application. It is notable that the Hyderabad government joined hands with a city-based start-up called Radikal Tribe to develop the android application. The process of registration and filling of details is absolutely free as it is connected to the Telangana transport Department. With the onset of this application, the owners can now get the e-version of their license, RC, Insurance and pollution documents.

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