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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / Man Got Dragged to His Death for Refusing Money to a Beggar

Man Got Dragged to His Death for Refusing Money to a Beggar

If a beggar is asking you for money that’s way more than average beggars ask for, something is surely wrong. At least that’s exactly what this latest incident from Uttar Pradesh teaches us. A beggar asked a man standing at Phafoond railway station Rs. 100. The man denied the money because of which the beggar got furious and started abusing him. The beggar then immediately held the man’s collar and the duo jumped in front of a Delhi-Kolkata Rajdhani Express. The two died on the spot.


Sarvesh Kumar, who was a native of Lalpur village was waiting for his train at Platform No. 2 when a beggar in his mid-twenties approached him and asked him for the money to which Sarvesh refused. Sarvesh had come to attend a funeral rite of his relative in the Sahar village of that district. The incident occurred at 10.30 pm. According to eyewitnesses Sarvesh did cry for help, however, nobody came forward to help him. The beggar, moreover, caught hold of him in a spur of a moment and jumped in front of the speeding train.

Officials also suggested that the severed body parts of both the people were scattered along the railway track and were instantly recovered and dispatched to the mortuary for the postmortem. Police also claimed that preliminary investigations have revealed that the beggar was mentally disturbed and was often spotted loitering around the railway station.

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