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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Way of Life / Motivation / ‘Me Time’ Ideas For Gym Moms

‘Me Time’ Ideas For Gym Moms

This ‘Busy Bee’ has time for everyone expect for her own self and if anyhow she tries to give herself a bit of importance, she is thrashed with titles like ‘Gym moms’. We all have those days in our lives when life seems a topsy turvy land and we wish to have that magic wand in our hands. Deadlines and due dates keep on knocking our heads every now and then, and the whole world screams out loud for your attention. You, on the other hand, just wish to vanish altogether. So to make sure you don’t feel the same way again, we have come up with some nice tips to get you going.

Here are some ways you can take care of your own self and release yourself from all the pressure

Go out and shop

Amid kids and home, you are left with very less time to go and shop. Take a day off and buy some good clothes for yourself. A nice simple top would make you look gorgeous and special. And after all shopping is a lady’s virtue!


It’s OK to have some fun

Who said you can’t laugh while you’re busy? You surely can. So crack jokes, giggle, laugh a bit and indulge in group activities at work. You’ll feel awesome and full of life. And when you’ll get complimented as ‘you look cute when you smile’, you’ll feel out of this world I bet.


Jot down important things

Half of the time you’re irritated because you can’t remember things. One simple remedy is to jot everything down on your diary so that you remember everything important. This way, you don’t have to carry the additional stress of remembering everything you need to remember.


Take the weekends completely off

Off means completely off, you’ll not attend any calls from office, clients or personal clients. No one absolutely! Just keep it safe for your own self and indulge in activities for which you generally don’t get time in the week days.


Reward yourself

Maybe not the best overall habit to get used to, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Off late we’ve made a habit of kicking ourselves off for every damn thing we do, but it should be the other way round. Every time you do something awesome make a habit to reward yourself. May be a chocolate, favorite burger, gift or anything.


Be what you are and accept it

 Okay, let yourself off the hook and relax first of all. You are no way a super hero and you definitely can’t do things like them. So stop trying to over load yourself with work. Do what you are doing and believe you are at your best. There is no need to change yourself for anyone, not even a bit of you.


Plan your resting hours

This one is very very important because if you’ll not plan your rest time, you’ll be conscious of not extending the it. Plan this time in a way that you don’t fall short of time while enjoying that favorite serial of yours or that book with your coffee or may be meditation. Prioritise your work accordingly. 


This concept of ‘Me Time’ might sound unrealistic and weird to most of the busy bees, but it is a necessary and healthy part of modern lifestyle. Especially for ladies who fight a battle with time almost every day. So win that battle and live to the fullest.

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