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Wednesday , July 28 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Moving Body with the Chakki Chalanasana: the Grinding Wheel

Moving Body with the Chakki Chalanasana: the Grinding Wheel

We have been sharing the best benefits of yoga through our weekly column– needless to say, what fun is in the art of yoga that binds the finest thread for human fitness, healthy mind, and selfless soul!

Chakki Chalanasana is said to be the simplest yet most effective yoga asana in existence. Being highly beneficial for the three main organs i.e. liver, kidneys, and pancreas, Chakki Chalanasana is the right way to move and massage your vital body organs. It is notable that the vital internal organs are often less regarded when it comes to personal care and conscious. For instance, you don’t do anything specific to your liver- following no particular set of exercising or understanding the major concerns faced by the organ. How about choosing Chakki Chalanasana for ensuring the best functioning of your internal organs? Let’s understand the best way of doing Chakki Chalanasana effortlessly:

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7 Easy Steps of Doing Chakki Chalanasana:

  • Sit down on the floor and spread your legs as wide as possible. Focus on the way you are breathing!
  • Straighten up your hands and stretch them- clasp (or interlock) them together to outstretch your arms at the height of your shoulders.
  • Right in front of the chest, straighten the elbows and start rotating them.
  • While breathing deep, start moving the upper half of your body in circular rotations i.e. front and right side.
  • The Rotatory motion has to be in the form of a moving grind- clockwise and balanced.
  • Inhale while going to the front end and exhale while moving backward.
  • During rotations, you have to have a focus on the way you are breathing.

The many benefits of doing Chakki Chalanasana:

  • Improving Spinal Column: Chakki Chalanasana is said to be the best yoga exercise for extending elasticity in the spinal region. Now elasticity is the best gift for your spinal columns!
  • Serves the twin-liver purposes: With the help of Chakki Chalanasana, you can help your liver with filtration and bile production.
  • Reduces Body Fats: From abdominal fat to overall obesity in the human body, Chakki Chalanasana is highly beneficial for keeping the body fit, fine and fat-free.
  • Boosting Digestion: Chakki Chalanasana can boost your digestive call in the most spectacular way. It reduces the chances of constipation and increases the superior call for hunger.
  • Counters stiffness: Do you find that your back is too stiff to move? Try Chakki Chalanasana for controlling stiffness and rigidity related problems.
  • Muscle movement: Chakki Chalanasana improves the movement of hand muscles, thighs and leg muscles. As said, Chakki Chalanasana is highly regarded for toning the pelvis and abdomen muscles.
  • Ease in the menstrual cycle: Chakki Chalanasana is a beneficial practice for regulating menstrual overflow. As said, a woman can also practice the asana during the early months of pregnancy.

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