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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Technology / Which one is better, Windows Phone or Android?

Which one is better, Windows Phone or Android?

Well, the question is quiet difficult to answer. One may feel perplexing because both the technologies have their unique features. If we talk about their market value then both are on rapid fire. However, we can pin point out of what’s good or bad about both.

What’s great about Android?
The most popular mobile OS on the planet is available to suit every wallet. Android offers great range of handsets in a variety of prices. As overall consequences, the support for Android from developers is second only to one: iOS. It’s easy to find apps and one can purchase movies from a verity of sources. Here the application world becomes oyster for users. You get a lot of apps for content sharing. Simply put, Andriod gives you endless sharing options. An open source is always much and more better.

Not all Android are same, it offers a level of customization to both end user and manufacturer. Moreover, the Android experience is really good. It is good in looks as well as intuitive too. Same you can find in its recent launched. There are lots of compatible third party accessories for Android.

What’s bad about it?
A veer variety is not always a good thing. There are so many cheap and higher priced phones. However, you may not be sure to buy the cheapest and you are not sure for value at the higher price. The range of manufacturers means that accessories may not be compatible in each. There is no unified experience; there is always a security risk. You can’t be sure that the app you are downloading is legitimate. If you claim to be experienced user, you may not have used the version of Android you are getting.

What’s good with Windows Phone?
Windows phone 8 end-to-end experience is much closer to iPhone, Blackberry and then to Android. It works well and good in that respect. These phones have hardware and software that is made by same manufacturers. So you can be sure that your handset will work all together, even when it is made by third party.  There is no software-based security threat vector in Windows phones. There is a good variety of prices in these phones.

What bad about Windows phones?
The users of Windows 8 phones and Windows 7.8 face different experience. Old versions may hold incapability with the apps. However, it does not affect your purchasing, if you wish to acquire latest. The main downside of these phones is they are not least players in the market. It also lacks some apps in media. And all the apps are not official, being made by third party. There are a few and limited apps to share content.

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