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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / Pepsi’s New Ad Takes a Dig at the Recent FTII Protest and It’s Not Cool

Pepsi’s New Ad Takes a Dig at the Recent FTII Protest and It’s Not Cool

Pepsi has undoubtedly been hugely popular amongst the youth. They have always created advertisements where they depict the young being as a rebel and standing for what is right, however, this time they’ve got it horribly wrong. Their new ad doesn’t instil any sense of responsibility and instead leans a bit towards the establishment.


Their latest ad campaign goes by the tagline “Pepsi Thi, Pi Gaya” where the ad starts off with the visual of students that are protesting against their college’s administration much like the recent FTII protests made by the students. The protest’s leader is seen telling newspaper reporters that they will not break their four-day hunger strike until and unless the college’s administration pays heed to their demands. The entire commercial can be seen in the video below:

However, while the protest’s leader makes his point, the cameras start focussing on another student who in the background seems to be sipping from a Pepsi bottle after spying it in a haversack. The ad shows that this guy completely forgets that he is surrounded by TV cameras everywhere and while he sips the cola, the cameras capture him doing that and that’s that for their protest.

We don’t remember the last time when Pepsi thought of ridiculing youths, who are their biggest consumer base, through their commercial. Maybe someone in the cola company came up with this idea and thought it would be fun take a dig at the youngsters and their protests but this goes against everything for which they’ve stood which is not good.

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