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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / Proud Moment: India becomes the 7th Most Valued ‘Nation Brand’ in the World

Proud Moment: India becomes the 7th Most Valued ‘Nation Brand’ in the World

Moving a step forward in the ranking list, India shines at the seventh spot in the World’s ‘Nation Brand’ ranking list. With a 32 percent increase in the brand value (that is estimated around $2.1 Billion), India witnessed a steady success and growth rate in the ranking result. As reported, the first spot was secured by the US, followed by China in the second and Germany in the third spot. The annual report for Nation Brands was prepared by Brand Finance.

Securing the pinnacle point, the US marked a total valuation of $19.7 billion worth. It is indeed a proud moment for India to rise with the highest rate of 32 percent in the ranking list (in comparison to any other nation in the brand list). The total evaluation that came as the final brand ranking list was made out of 100 leading countries. It is notable that Brand Finance used the popular mean of ‘royalty relief mechanism’ to evaluate the final outcome.

The Success of ‘Incredible India’ and ‘Make in India’ campaign:


As per the reports suggested by Brand Finance, the success of Incredible India and Make in India campaigns was the reason of India’s whopping growth rate. In comparison to this, Germany suffered a major setback due to the much-hyped Volkswagen crisis in the recent time. The United States has also managed to sustain the monopoly in the powerful brand climate. The contribution of higher education system, rising of soft power, the phenomenal music industry and appealing entertainment sector has wishfully supported the United States in the most dynamic manner. As per the study, the rise of soft power has helped the US in the making of most valuable nation brand; otherwise, China being the world’s biggest economy would have overruled the country.
Amidst the vibrant lot of Brics nations, India is the only nation that witnessed a sudden swift in the brand value ranking, beating Brazil, China and South Africa. It’s time for three cheers and Hip…Hip…Hurray!

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