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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / Science has a new definition for Attractiveness, says it is more about ‘You’!

Science has a new definition for Attractiveness, says it is more about ‘You’!

Contrary to the popular belief, Attractiveness is not about physical beauty or appearance. The connection and attraction that two people develop for each other is much more than sizes, shapes and features. It is the involvement of self and soul that binds the connecting threat!

Dr. Wayne Dyer, the American bestseller and Motivational Speaker has clearly stated that the law of attraction is changing in today’s context. As for today, people do not attract what they want in their life. Rather, they attract what they are! It means while setting into a social situation, you really don’t have to change your lot. It is evident that your originality will power your attractiveness. As per the science, most of our daily efforts should drive to the development of self. Once a person is self-prepared, he or she can full contribute to strengthen personal relationships. Let’s unravel all the parameter that adds the fantastic dose of attractiveness to your personality.

  1. Individuality:


A 2014-based survey on music suggested that majority of the youngsters today are more interested in music and composer that have unique/complex style. Such listeners are willing to develop a long term relationship with the complex structure of music. As music has a fine sense of expression, anything that captivates your mind with uniqueness has a sense of attractiveness.

  1. Confidence with a slight pinch of humor:


People who try ‘fitting in’ are generally the victim of boredom. Nothing is more attractive that a person who has a pleasing sense of humor- the simplest key to attractiveness. According to some prominent studies, people who can make others laugh are more attractive than anything which is dull and repulsive. Wit i.e. intelligent humor is often regarded over farce (i.e. cheap disgusting comedy).

  1. A peaceful mind with a healthy body:


A person having healthy body and peaceful bend of mind is both attractive and pleasing. According to the researchers, people who switch to extreme sports and training regime are more attractive than anyone. Extreme sports like mountain biking, scuba diving, jet riding, etc. adds a sounds degree of attractiveness to a person’s personality.

  1. Good Companionship:


Though your individuality matter a lot, yet the amount of good friends that you have in your kitty makes you look attractive. Friendship has a positive effect in one’s personality- it is influential and appealing at the same point of time. It means your participation in a group makes you attractive. Say thanks to all your buddies!

  1. Your ability to share deep conversations:


Now this is probably the best way to connect with a person! Deep conversations allow your personality to develop under the light of wisdom. The concept of putting your heart ‘bare and open’ in front of someone is not easy. Nevertheless, it is attractive in the most amazing manner.

  1. Your availability:


The idea of ‘Prince Charming’ would have been more attractive if we would have seen him in person! The physical availability of person makes him/her more attractive. It adds the right sense of rationality in the vague idea of dreams.

  1. Your Winsome Smile:


A happy face creates a long lasting impression in the mind of a receiver. Therefore, a happy face that is powered with a winsome smile is said to be the most attractive thing in this world. It is effortless and natural at the same time!

About Prerna Kathait

Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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