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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / SHAME- Johnson & Johnson to Pay $72 Million for the Loss of Life Alleged With the Use of Talcum Powder!

SHAME- Johnson & Johnson to Pay $72 Million for the Loss of Life Alleged With the Use of Talcum Powder!

The magical touch of a mother, the gentle skin of the baby and a talcum powder- my dear friends; the life is far beyond the ground reality of this dramatic melodrama.

It was on 22nd February, when the state of Missouri ordered the grand health giant Johnson & Johnson to pay a whopping amount of $72 million owing to the damage done to a woman from Alabama. Jacqueline Fox, a 62 year old resident of Alabama, died due to the ovarian cancer and it was alleged that she developed the disease due to the use of Johnson & Johnson baby powder. The company has accepted the term to pay an amount of $10 million to Jacqueline’s family as compensation.


Where is the world heading?

In the year 1999, the American Cancer Society supposedly raised concern about the potential dangers and ill effects of Talcum powder. However, the mad frenzy to boost business sales and profit took over the obvious social cause. Deemed as one among the best or world largest health product manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson has indeed shocked the world after this revelation. The business brand is currently facing about 1200 lawsuits in the US from different customers who has claimed the high risk factors in the product.

Though the controversy is still budding and nothing has been proven yet, still the credibility of the largest health product manufacturer is on stake.

We want you to choose your products ‘Wisely’!

The blind gamble of advertising is crazy but don’t fall in this prey to be a poor victim. There are several day-to-day products that contain harmful chemical ingredients. These products go to the Launchpad of market without being aptly tested and regulated. From toothpaste to cream and shampoo, anything that you purchase has to be tested. Check your products and don’t go by the name of the brand. No matter how renounced the brand name of your chosen product is, learn about the ingredients before using it.

As per some studies, the most widespread baby products like wipes and lotion contain the hazardous element of phenoxyethanol. This element is highly dangerous for the liver and blood. Do you still want to use it-to put your child’s life in danger?

Think about it!

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