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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Supta Vajrasana increases the creativity and personality of a person

Supta Vajrasana increases the creativity and personality of a person

The Sanskrit meaning of ‘Supta’ is reclined and ‘Vajra’ is thunderbolt! As one of the most prominent Yoga   asana, Supta Vajrasana is a reclining thunderbolt posture that is highly regarded for improving the digestive system in a human body. But above all, the most vital significance of doing Supta Vajrasana is related to body stamina. Follow the yoga regime in your daily routine and give a boost to your ‘core’ stamina with the help of this asana.
The different ways of doing Supta Vajrasana!

With a bit of minor variations in posture, Supta Vajrasana can be done in a couple of ways. Ideally, Supta Vajrasana is done with in a reclined position where the upper half of the human body is reclined in a backward posture towards the floor. In the either sides of the trunk, each of the hand is rested. When a person follows the same yoga posture with just one leg (folding one leg under the body and stretching the other one), then the asana becomes ‘Eka Pada Supta Vajrasana’.

In case a person is suffering for high blood pressure or slip disc related problems, it is suggested to avoid Supta Vajrasana.

Easy Steps for doing Supta Vajrasana:


  • Sit in the posture of Vajrasana and place your palms backward (under trunks and on the floor).
  • Bend backward in a slow manner and place your forearm and elbow towards the floor.
  • Arching backward, try to bring the crown of your head towards the floor.
  • Keep contact between the lower legs and ground.
  • Do not over strain your muscles.
  • Strive to relax- keep your eves close and be peaceful.
  • Go for deep and soundless breathing.
  • Your concentration should be on the lower back, abdomen and breathing position.

The 10 benefits of Doing Supta Vajrasana:

    • Creates Strong Abdomen Core:Supta Vajrasana is highly regarded for massaging the abdomen organs and body core. The yoga process can easily alleviate digestion related disorders like ailment and constipation.
    • Flexibility: By toning the spinal nerve, Supta Vajrasana enhances the flexibility of our back and shoulders. In fact, the stimulation of neck nerves and thyroid cum parathyroid glands is best possible with the aid of this asana.


  • Counters Diseases: In case a person is suffering from asthma, bronchitis and lung related diseases, Supta Vajrasana can be highly beneficial is improving the medical condition.
  • Makes the Muscles Proactive: As the muscles grow comfortable with the regressive stretching and bending, they develop a constructive form of flexibility.
  • Enhance Brain Creativity: Since the circulation in brain induces brilliantly with Supta Vajrasana, it makes the organ intelligent with the essence of creativity.
  • Lowers the Disc Pressure: While doing Supta Vajrasana, a person can separate vertebrae from each other! The entire process is very helpful for lowering the unnecessary pressure created on the discs.
  • Perfect Body Posture: Supta Vajrasana understands the art of creating ‘perfect body posture’. By relieving the various muscle-related tensions, this yoga posture encourages the formation of correct position in human body.
  • Favorable for Adrenal Glands: Regulate the best effective functioning of adrenal glands with the help Supta Vajrasana.
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  • Cure Reproductive Disorders: According to some studies, Supta Vajrasana also has the potential of curing reproductive disorders in both men and women.
  • Overall Wellbeing: From muscle strengthening to regulating common disorders like constipation, anger, depression and aggression, Supta Vajrasana is a key for all your common problems.

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