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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / The Little Meditation Secrets by Sharon Salzberg

The Little Meditation Secrets by Sharon Salzberg

One recent post by Mindbodygreen has revealed some of the invaluable meditation secrets of Sharon Salzberg– the lady behind the origin of Insight Meditation Society in Barre and one among the leading teachers of Buddhist meditation in the west.


The woman who showed the world the way of real happiness through the power of meditation has something exceptional to share. Through a blog interview with Mindbodygreen, the woman with virtue has shared some of the finest lessons of meditation with the world. Let’s learn them to become better and beautiful with each passing day.

  1. Where should one meditate?

Everywhere! According to Sharon, you can meditate in a living room, over a couch, in the hotel, or for that matter, any place that you prefer. You can even meditate while walking in the streets. Sharon has named this type of meditation as “Lovingkindness”.

  1. When should one meditate?

The first thing in the morning that you should do is the sitting meditation. Just don’t worry about the place and do it wherever you find place. Your daily meditation should be a mix of walking and sitting meditation. Do it whenever you are planning to start a new task i.e. taking a phone call, before surfing the internet, etc.

  1. Which one is the best form of meditation?

Every form of meditation has its own beauty. According to Sharon, sitting meditation brings mindfulness and awareness. The walking meditation or Lovingkindness has more depth and insight into the mind. It has the potential of challenging your limits.

  1. Why should one meditate?

According to Sharon, she has been meditating for about 45 years now and it is this meditation that has been the source of most of her happiness in life. Now this the actual power of meditation- it not only makes your profound but also adds worth to your life.

  1. What a first time user should know about meditation?

According to Sharon, the best way to deal with meditation is by doing it. One should give it a trail. By just giving 5 to 10 minutes every day, you can experience a new change within you. The assessment and evaluation is equally important. By any mean, mediation is not going to change your life. It will only change your for the betterment. So feel the change!

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