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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Some Tips For Doing Inverted Yoga Asanas

Some Tips For Doing Inverted Yoga Asanas

Yoga postures or ‘asanas’ have the ability to rejuvenate stressed minds,revitalize tired limbs and tone internal organs. Inversion poses involve any asanas that lift the feet above the head. Headstand and shoulder stand are considered as the two major inversion poses. Inversion poses improve health, reduce anxiety & stress and increase self-confidence. They also increase mental power, concentration and stimulate the chakras.

Following are some of the points to be kept in mind while practicing inverted poses i.e. headstand and shoulder stand:

  • During the practice, always lengthen the exhale.
  • Appropriate balancing postures for headstand and shoulder stand should be done.
  • Adjustments should not be made whilst in headstand; if alignment is not accurate, come down and practice again.
  • In the learning stage, it is recommended to use a wall for support.
  • While practicing headstand asana, support your head with your fingers and thumbs.
  • Don’t hold your weight too much on the back of your body as it will place too much pressure on your neck.

Headstand is referred to as the king of all yoga asanas, while shoulder stand is referred to as queen of all asanas. Many people believe that headstand cultivates the masculine qualities in humans including sharpness of brain, self-discipline and clarity of thought. Shoulder stand cultivates the feminine qualities in humans including peacefulness, patience and emotional balance.

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