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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / World / Turing Pharmaceuticals’ CEO Calls Journalist Moron After He Asked About a Sudden Price Hike

Turing Pharmaceuticals’ CEO Calls Journalist Moron After He Asked About a Sudden Price Hike

Ever heard of Daraprim? It’s a drug which the people have been using for more than six decades now for a food-borne disease known as toxoplasmosis. This disease can have some pretty serious effects on those who have a damaged immune system. Nonetheless, the drug has been playing an essential role in fighting-off this deadly disease. However, this medicine which used to cost a mere $13.50 per tablet now costs a whopping $750 per tablet. A price hike that huge can rarely be expected and this is exactly why an HIV/AIDS advocacy group raised their concern over this overnight price hike.

The price hike has been caused by the US pharma company, Turing Pharmaceuticals. Turing’s CEO, Martin Shkreli, described the price hike as an extremely common practice for the purpose of raising profits. This price hike has come just a month later when Turing acquired the rights for this drug, Daraprim. However, Martin’s questionable trade practices have stirred a social storm where people are outraged by this sudden price hike. Martin, on the other hand, has been bold on all this issue all over.

Recently John Caroll, a journalist of a daily newsletter “Fierce Biotech” asked him on Twitter the reason behind this price hike to which Martin responded by calling him a “moron.” This move has forced the consumers to boycott the company. This price hike caught the eyeballs of Hillary Clinton as well who called the entire matter as outrageous and promised the people to take care of it.

While Martin is continuously facing the heat of the people over this issue, he on the other hand, is responding to the social media criticism by carrying out personal attacks while quoting Eminem.

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