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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Understanding Body Control with Chakra asana- The Wheel Pose

Understanding Body Control with Chakra asana- The Wheel Pose

The wheel of life has a symbolic connotation- it teaches quite a lot about the essence of life. Similarly, the wheel pose of yoga i.e. the chakra asana is embedded with phenomenal significance and qualities. Also regarded as urdhva dhanurasana, the posture allows the bending of human body in the shape of a bow.


 7 Steps of Doing Chakra asana:

  1. Start with shava asana– lie down in the floor and loosen your body. Relax! Focus on your breathing at the same time.
  1. As you go exhaling, bend your knees and bring the feet together.
  1. Keep the knees close to the buttocks, with soles pressing flat on the floor!
  1. Right under the shoulder, place the hands (palms of your hands) on the floor and point the fingers towards the back of your body.
  1. As you go inhaling, try rising your body upward. Lift your head, back, buttocks above the floor and create an arch in the spine.
  1. Raise your hips and stomach at the highest spot.
  1. Hold the posture till the time you are inhaling. As soon as you exhaling, drop the posture and get back to the floor.

The Many Benefits of Doing Chakra Asana

  • Compliments Body Elasticity:

With the help of Chakra asana, add strength to the vertebrae and increase the natural flow of elasticity and flexibility in your body.

  • Provides strength to the muscles:

Chakra asana can strengthen your arm, waist, abdomen, legs, shoulder, chest, and other body muscles in the best possible way.

  • Good for the lungs and breathing mechanism:

Open up your chest and add strength to your lungs in the most dynamic way with chakra asana. The process will increase the flow of oxygen in to the rib cage. With Chakra asana, you can directly improve your respiratory function.

  • Secretion of Hormones:

Chakra asana can help you in improving the secretion of hormones. It can keep both your health and fertility related needs positive.

  • Overall Wellbeing:

Not just physically, the asana can also help your mental and emotional needs. Chakra asana can help a person in avoiding depression and anxiety related disorders.

  • Controls the flow of Osteoporosis:

With the aid of chakra asana, a person can counter the onset of osteoporosis.

  • Emotional Balance:

Feeling vulnerable? Switch to chakra asana and help your emotional fluctuation in the most dynamic manner.

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