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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Latest posts / Wedding Anxiety: 10 Troubling Thoughts in the Mind of a Bride!

Wedding Anxiety: 10 Troubling Thoughts in the Mind of a Bride!

The journey between a future bride’s engagement and her wedding day is the most crucial period for planning a wedding. Give a bride the time span of five years for wedding preparations, and she will still feel like so much has yet to be done. These are the 10 most common troubling thoughts in the mind of every bride-to-be while planning her special day.

1) Picking the perfect wedding date can be challenging. You have to worry about whether or not your closest friends and family members can make it; you want to make sure that it doesn’t fall under an inconvenient time; and sometimes, you just know that you want your wedding to happen during a specific season. What happens if all of these things don’t match up? MAJOR STRESS.


2) One of the toughest decisions to make during wedding planning is choosing which friends get to be bridesmaids, and unfortunately, which friends don’t make the dreaded cut. Just imagine what might be going through a bride’s mind at this point – will Sarah be upset if I choose Angela instead; or I hope that Bianca understands that I’ve been friends with Sandra longer. Basically, it’s like making a seating chart to avoid as many conflicts as possible.


3) The wedding guest list always seems like a never-ending task! Either you want to add a few more guests everytime you review the list, or you just get so frustrated that you’d rather have a wedding with only your closest friends and family. Guest lists can be a daunting task! Not hard to imagine how frustrating finalizing a guest list can be.


4) Wedding crashers. What more can I say? Every bride has this thought in the back of her mind – “I really hope nobody crashes my wedding!” We’ve all seen Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the infamous movie Wedding Crashers – and although it might not be as glamorous as Hollywood portrays it to be, in most cases, crashing weddings tend to create negative tension rather than humor. People, please be courteous, and don’t crash weddings!


5) The BIGGEST stressful moment of all: picking the PERFECT wedding dress! Every bride-to-be knows exactly how stressful that can be. It’s just a different kind of stress. Even when a dress is picked, there is always that split moment of anxiety that a bride experiences in which she begins to question whether or not the dress was actually the most perfect choice. Ladies, breathe! You’ll look absolutely beautiful and radiant no matter what dress you pick! Your inner beauty and happiness is your best accessory!


6) Wedding date: check. Dress: check. Caterers: check. Bridesmaids: check. Photographer: check. Venue: NOT AVAILABLE?!?!It would be a horror to not be able to book your top choice for a venue. After you’ve tried to meticulously plan the perfect wedding, your hopes are shattered because your rooftop venue is booked for the next two years. Ugh. Now what? Everyone whose ever planned a wedding has experienced a similarkind of heartache, and unless someone miraculously cancels their holding for the venue, you’re out of luck. We suggest picking a few venues as backups just in case this mishap occurs.


7) While we have established that wedding planning can be one the most stressfulevents in one’s life, we don’t normally look at how the stress might impact a bride-to-be. As onlookers, it’s easier to call someone a bridezilla(with the exception of the kind we see on TV) than it is to truly understand what she might be thinking. Take a break from name-calling and think. A bride-to-be has to separate her anxious wedding-planning self from the loving fiancée, daughter, friend, and sister she might be. It can all get to be so difficult with impending stress and anxiety about planning the perfect day.


8) Picking and sending out wedding invitations are not as simple or straightforward as birthday invites; no Facebook tagging or Whats App group messaging! Wedding invitations require detailed planning. You have to pick the right wording all while making sure the font and style is exactlyhow you want it. You’d think it would be easier to just electronically send out one massive email.


9) Planning the “perfect” wedding seems almost unattainable. Some aspect of planning doesn’t always go according to the way you want it to. So now what? Don’t worry. Remember that this day is your day, so do what makes you happy. Planning everything so that everyone else will be happy is not only a daunting task, but utterly stressful and nearly impossible. So do you and be happy!


10) It is your wedding day! “Oh dear!! I hope nothing goes wrong!”– After everything is finally planned, and you’ve checked off all your items on your to-do list, your wedding day has finally arrived. You’re beyond excited to marry the man of your dreams. And then, the fear and anxiety sinks in again. You hope that everything goes as planned. Stop right there! You did all the planning you could, so now relax, and go be a bride! Enjoy your wedding day, because before you know it, it’s going to fly by! Make all the moments count and make it a day to never be forgotten!


About Prerna Kathait

Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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